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Small Business

Whether you’re looking at launching your first business or you’ve been successfully running one for a while, Smoak, Davis & Nixon LLP is here to help you make sense of your small business accounting. Our services are available to all types of small businesses, whether you’re operating as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, or S or C Corporation. We understand that there are much higher priorities for you, so let us help you achieve your financial goals. Our team of certified professionals can help you keep track of your finances while you focus on developing your business.


Here at Smoak, Davis & Nixon LLP, we value high quality service as much as you do. We also understand the stress of operating under intense donor scrutiny and oversight from regulatory and tax authorities. The need to comply with best practices in accounting and financial management is important in order to protect your tax exempt status while maintaining focus on your organizational mission. Our team of professionals is committed to alleviate some of that stress and ensure everything is in order so that your organization can focus on accomplishing its mission.


We understand that the construction industry is a high labor and capital intensive business that poses unique cash flow, tax, and management issues. We also understand how closely tied the business is to the overall health of the economy and therefore can be challenging to remain competitive. Our team has an extensive understanding of the industry’s unique operations, trends, challenges, and opportunities, and we can help you make well informed decisions while providing a value added service.


We understand that retail businesses are unique – businesses in this industry must deal with the complexities related to inventory and must continue to seek ways to operate more efficiently.  This can be overwhelming.  Our team of professionals can work in partnership with you to unlock the full potential of your business.


The chaotic environment of the hospitality industry can sometimes leave managers overwhelmed. Success in this industry is affected by variables such as guest experiences, consumer confidence, technology, labor costs, access to capital, and maximizing property value. We treat our clients the way you treat your guests – with exceptional service.  Our team of professionals understands your industry and strives to provide the highest quality service.


Real estate related entities require highly sophisticated assurance, tax and financial services in order to maximize asset value.  At Smoak, Davis & Nixon LLP, we focus on the issues that affect all segments of the real estate development community including land, commercial, residential and multi-family development and property management.  We understand the complexity of the real estate industry and your business stands to benefit from our combined knowledge of the local markets.


At Smoak, Davis & Nixon LLP, we pride ourselves on providing prompt, personalized service to all of our clients.  With our knowledge, experience, and expertise within the automotive dealership arena, we are able to conduct our engagements efficiently. As such, we can provide advice on business issues that arise throughout the year, not just at year-end.


Smoak, Davis & Nixon LLP has experience with a wide range of professional services industries.  We understand the unique challenges facing medical, legal, and other professional practices – managing your business, your clients, and your accounting records is challenging. Our team can give you the support you need to find a balance. From accounting and bookkeeping services to developing tax strategies and preparing tax returns, we are committed to helping you reach your business goals. Our emphasis on excellent client service enables us to develop meaningful connections with our clients and allows us to tailor our services to meet your specific needs.


We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can assist with your needs, please contact us to set up a time to meet.
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